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     +34 911 434 973              Pozuelo de Alarcón - Madrid (Spain)

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Connect your online & offline channels to impact your clients

Your communication and online campaigns integrated with mobile and retail Marketing. No more disconnected actions. We provide coherence and powerful multichannel monitoring

Business intelligence based on mobile technology. Make visible your customers' behaviour

Establish and improve your client profile data with our analytical tools. Boost your business through a better customer experience and optimize performance

Send customized notifications in real time

Automate campaigns, personalize messages and send them to your clients when they enter your point of sale. Turn your stores and physical spaces into smart locations. Make the most of them.

Communication and interactivity with your visitors

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Marketing solutions based on the unique identification of mobile devices

Identify and track


Push notifications


optimize your




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Results for any business with physical locations

Our solution is designed to provide specific results to each business. No matter if you have one location or hundreds, Seeketing helps you to understand customers' and visitors' behavior, improve the in-store experience and measure the efficiency of mobile marketing campaigns




Key features and benefits through the organization 

Gain a unified view of store performance that integrates staffing, sales, store layout, and foot traffic. Seeketing is a cross-departmental platform serving the entire organization

Build customer profiles

Analyze customers at your locations: collect data based on behaviour patterns and identify loyal customers. Combine it with an app to monitor and to collect qualitative data on your visitors, making them visible.

Engage customers at point of sale

Send targeted notifications with promotions, personalized info and offers to customers at the right moment and measure the efficiency of in-store mobile campaigns.

Integration of online and offline actions

Understand the combined customer behaviour (physical store, web and mobile), measure campaign conversion of customers entering your location after receiving notifications. Identify new profiles based on app monitoring, web activity, and in-store patterns.

Innovative proprietary technology

Advanced algorithms to discover valuable information. We provide Business and Marketing intelligence




Seeketing have just made available to malls and retailers a new feautre in the analyltical part. Now we can do a personalized real-time monitoring of people, objects and processes (RTLS, Real Time Location System

¿Who has access to this tool?

1. This tool is available on request to customers who have installed WeObserve Seeketing Nodes

2. It is necessary NO APP



What new functionality can we use? 

Besides knowing the traffic data of unique visitors, dwell times, flows and indoor and outdoor movements, and all kinds of comparisons on differente KPIs that WeObserve already offers, it allows us to make a single, real-time tracking of people or object within our facilities.

We can see the path every person or object has taken and the time that they have been in every area of ​​the way .

What benefits can I get ?

1 Monitoring the activity of the cleaning staff, security, maintenance, etc ... 

2 Resource Planning (meeting rooms, spaces, queues, ....) 

3 Security and location of children, elderly people or patients and moving objects within our facilities.

How does it work?

The system is based on our standard solution WeObserve and simply  record mobile phone users or purchase bracelets or active tags (tags that use wifi or bluetooth tags) to give children or pasting objects we want to locate. The extra cost goes from 0 Eur to a few Euros per active locate.

The use of this tool goes one step further: we can even offer a paid service to our customers from the shopping center and public spaces, such as having localized to their children at all times, or even be able to send messages. What certainly in few months will make profitable the  system cost.

Additionally, combined with PPP,  it will enable us to explore the interests, location and demographics of people and other assets.


Fuente | Seeketing

The ROPO effect, Online Research & Online Purchase  is booming. That is what statistics say. In Spain consumers who research a product online and then purchase at retail outlets now represents 34% according to comScore.

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Seeketing is a company dedicated to mobile, offline and online marketing. We provide innovative technologies to analyze client flow within selling points, both indoor and outdoor, in public and private spaces using our SDK and IGRP Nodes.



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